domenica 11 settembre 2011



Home. After more than 8 hours work. Building my kitchen.. Gosh, how can it be so complicated?? After all, I spent a pleasant day with Chri, dad, some beer and popcorn! :) But building the kitchen was more complicated than expected! We successed building just half of it, will continue tomorrow with -hopefully- the rest!


Keeping u posted!
Have a nice saturday night! I'm gonna hit the sack now!!


mercoledì 7 settembre 2011



Done. Yesterday we could pack ALL of our stuff -including cat- and left our former flat. I've been looking forward the whole summer to move into the new place but leaving the old one was pretty sad! I loved the place an we spent there more than 2 years! We had so many things to move and fix that I didnt even realize we actually did leave the place! :(

Beside, I'm staying at Dad's, with Dad and bro. Living with 2 boys, worse thing!!

At the moment our new place is a construction site-slash-warehouse: contractors are goin back and forth every day (luckily we have a 40sqm flat! Think if we had, like, 100..!! Mad!) and it's packed with our stuff, and kitchen and bed! We and contractors can barely move... O_O

Keep u posted with works!


sabato 3 settembre 2011


I'm exausted! But today was a great day: I got up at 6:45 to go to my new place and supervise contractors' work on my new wall, and meanwhile they were ripping, painting, nailing and whatsoever, I went back and forth with a cart moving almost all the boxes left at my place. I walked all the way from the old flat to the new one, cause it's appr. 1 km between them and it would be much more complicated to load and unload the boxes onto and from the car, let be find a parking place.. So I walked the whole day throught the city center pushing a cart but looking at shop's windows and bumping into a lot of people I knew!

I also spent some time at the new place to paint some scrap wooden panels dad gave me, just to see how the effect would be. The idea is to cover one of the living room's walls with it, this would be the desired effect:

Do u like it? At the beginning I intended to place them in the bedroom, and horizontally, but that simply doesnt work.. Panels are not long enough and the bedroom is already too crowded with bed, air conditioner and a master wardrobe..

Wall works will proceed on monday, electrician will also come on monday to make some changes at the electricity panel and tiles are due to be on kitchen wall by tuesday! Pics will follow! :)

I find all this so funny and exciting!!!! :D


giovedì 1 settembre 2011



With my band planning our upcoming video! Will shoot sunday or wednesday, and then, just the time to edit and mix it, BAM! On youtube! And finally I will let u guys ear our latest progress!! :)




Today is raining here in Trieste.. Actually quite a relief from the sick hot of the latest days! Is this a sign that fall is on its way? I'm looking forward for this summer to end, I love summer it's my favourite season, but not especially THIS summer, which was either wet and cold for a long time and insanely hot the past 2-3 weeks, beside my apartament will finally be ready and we can finally move in!
I'm meetin up with dad in 20 minutes to buy some wood panel, which will be applied on our bedroom's wall, witg this "shabby-chic" effect:


Do u like it?
Of course pics of the new place + works in progress will follow! Looking forward!!! :)

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