lunedì 22 agosto 2011



4 women, a baby girl and a massive picture of Audrey Hepburn lookin at other drivers from the rear of the car... That's us comin back from a whole afternoon spent at the Ikea store!
Now home and pizza with Chri by the seaside!

Have a nice evening everyone!

sabato 20 agosto 2011


Hola! I just got up, me and Pucio, who seems to be ubiquitous :) are planning some home furnitures! Outside's just too hot so I'm planning to lay on my ass at least half a day! :D Beside, I have things to do: must plan these funitures so I'll know exactly where the wall must be placed and must send the "project" to an architect friend of mine who is going to take care of it!


Yesterday I went out with Fernanda! God I have to take a course in portuguese, the language is just too much fun I love it!! We had a great night as always but we had to retreat home quite soon due to some storm rain :(

This is how I was dressed! I love this yellow dress from H&M!

Have a great day everybody! :)


venerdì 19 agosto 2011


Lately -beside pack and organize all of my crap- I've been watching a lot Gossip Girl in the evenings, I bought the first 3 seasons on Amazon some while ago. I must admit it, it's endearing, but I expected so much more, especially from the characters!! Before watch it on TV I used to read the books of Cecily Von Ziegesar, and the characters were so much more captivating: Serena was described as model-beauty, the kind of one you stare in admiration when they walk down the streets, and lil Jenny Humphrey was a curly brown-haired wild chick with boobs so big that embarassed her, Vanessa was bold, Serena's BIGGER brother Eric (non smaller..) was out to college and was as fascinating as her, and Eleanor Waldorf was a fat wreck-mother who re-married with a certain Cyrus Rose, who Blair hated, and who had a son, Aaron, who hooked up with both Serena and Vanessa...

OK they changed the story a little, that's fair, but according to me they weren't able to keep the fascinating features of the characters, who made every single character just itself. I found most of them empty and only full of dramas..

I also found them pretty ugly.. The only ones I liked were Blair (superb Leighton Meester and SOO alike Blair's book character), Lily van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass - even if a little different from the book's character, Nate Archibald and Jenny Humphrey -even if very different from the original character I really liked Taylor Momsen. I liked so and so Dan Humphrey, too similar to Seth Cohen from the OC, and I really disliked Serena! This chick Blake Lively totally lacks of charm, and I even disliked her actress's skills...

One character I really liked was Georgina Sparks: mysterious and charming, who best than superb Michelle Trachtenberg could play that role? I started to love her when staying up all nights watching Buffy! :) If anyone could play Serena Van Der Woodsen in respect of the real character that could have been her!

What do you think of GG serie? Did you read the books? Do you like all the characters?


(ah ah actually xoxPrincessPAM comes as an inspirayion from GG books!!!!! :D )


Date fixed!!! Finally I got the appointment with the notary for the last signs and contract, on the 30th! After that date, depending on how tiles and wall works go on, I can finally move in in my new apartment!

I'm organizing and moving lotsa stuff right now, jeez how much crap I had!!! I threw in the garbage a whole part already, and lotsa other stuff were sorted out and are going to my best friends: I'm organizing a bingo night-slash-pijama party at mines next Friday, where I put all the -nice- stuff I don't use (or never used..) on a bingo and we are going to play while we drink the enormous amount of every kind of booze I still have at home from past parties and God knows where.. :S

I also wanted to share with you a very cute home design brand I just discovered: Lexington! I walked by a friend of mine's shop yesterday on my way home, and found everything adorable! J-U-S-T the style I wanted to create at my place, and beside other, as lovely, she was selling also this Lexington brand. Some pictures I found on their web site:

If you are in Trieste, stop by my friend Emanuelle's shop, Jardin Privè on Via del Canale Piccolo, walking distance from Piazza Unità, the main and beautyful square!

xoxPrincessPAM :)

martedì 16 agosto 2011


Aahh sorry to be more and more lazy in updating this blog! This is now the usual starting sentence of every post.. not a good sign.. I'm looking forward to move in in my new hole ehm I meant place ;) to finally settle down and start typing regularly again with my brand new silver Mac from my brand new white sofa :D

Time is now finally coming, I should be moving in beginning of september, and this also means that I am at my busiest now, it's finally about time to buy furnitures and not just plan it, but for the very moment I have to still hold it for a while and wait for some stupid paper to finally sign the mortgage contract and get the apartment! :)
Meanwhile, here the style I like at the moment, I'm doin a lot of it lately, I mean browsing home design magazines and iPhone pages :)

A mix of luxury from the "beachy" style of Hamptons and a touch of scandinavian clean white typical from the beach areas of southern Sweden where I used to live!

What do you think?

I'm so excited! :) For the moment for me it's just to go home and pack / organize things.. boring!!!

xox PrincessPAM
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