giovedì 1 settembre 2011



Today is raining here in Trieste.. Actually quite a relief from the sick hot of the latest days! Is this a sign that fall is on its way? I'm looking forward for this summer to end, I love summer it's my favourite season, but not especially THIS summer, which was either wet and cold for a long time and insanely hot the past 2-3 weeks, beside my apartament will finally be ready and we can finally move in!
I'm meetin up with dad in 20 minutes to buy some wood panel, which will be applied on our bedroom's wall, witg this "shabby-chic" effect:


Do u like it?
Of course pics of the new place + works in progress will follow! Looking forward!!! :)


3 commenti:

  1. Yes, I like :) The new Ikea catalog is on the table. Happy ferday ! :#))

  2. :D :D
    Ah è già fuori? Io l'ho visto solo online!

  3. Sì, è arrivato a Roma e dal 10 al 19-10 c'è un offerta su Expedit ! Lo scorso Anno l'han fatta in Spagna e sono andate a ruba :-)


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