mercoledì 7 settembre 2011



Done. Yesterday we could pack ALL of our stuff -including cat- and left our former flat. I've been looking forward the whole summer to move into the new place but leaving the old one was pretty sad! I loved the place an we spent there more than 2 years! We had so many things to move and fix that I didnt even realize we actually did leave the place! :(

Beside, I'm staying at Dad's, with Dad and bro. Living with 2 boys, worse thing!!

At the moment our new place is a construction site-slash-warehouse: contractors are goin back and forth every day (luckily we have a 40sqm flat! Think if we had, like, 100..!! Mad!) and it's packed with our stuff, and kitchen and bed! We and contractors can barely move... O_O

Keep u posted with works!


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  1. Ciao! Come va?
    Da poco più di una settimana ho lanciato un fashion blog dedicato alla bigiotteria online, che ne dici di collaborare?
    Ho in testa qualche idea con cui potremmo trarre tutt'e due vantaggio...
    Ti va? Dai! Scrivimi a


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