martedì 16 agosto 2011


Aahh sorry to be more and more lazy in updating this blog! This is now the usual starting sentence of every post.. not a good sign.. I'm looking forward to move in in my new hole ehm I meant place ;) to finally settle down and start typing regularly again with my brand new silver Mac from my brand new white sofa :D

Time is now finally coming, I should be moving in beginning of september, and this also means that I am at my busiest now, it's finally about time to buy furnitures and not just plan it, but for the very moment I have to still hold it for a while and wait for some stupid paper to finally sign the mortgage contract and get the apartment! :)
Meanwhile, here the style I like at the moment, I'm doin a lot of it lately, I mean browsing home design magazines and iPhone pages :)

A mix of luxury from the "beachy" style of Hamptons and a touch of scandinavian clean white typical from the beach areas of southern Sweden where I used to live!

What do you think?

I'm so excited! :) For the moment for me it's just to go home and pack / organize things.. boring!!!

xox PrincessPAM

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  1. Hola ! I think that white helps to enlarge and enlighten living rooms. Sent you links about ;) Many wishes for you new home ;-)


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