lunedì 18 luglio 2011



What did I do this weekend?
Well beside buying a pallet of like 5 Kilos containig the whole Guitar Hero set, and walked it home looking like a complete idiot (or Santa...) I've also visited for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE the city of Venice.
This doesn't sound much strange, but the thing that I live 2 hours by train away from it, flown from it like 49 times and am 26 years old... it makes it RIDICOLOUS!!!
Not enough, I just went there to meet an old friend of mine, travelling across Europe from Australia, so I ended up with a bunch of Australians showing me around Venice... Ah ah oh my God, shame!!! Should be the exact opposite.. Oh well. I had good fun though it was very nice to see my friend again!

Here my boyfriend trying to practice with the guitar in the difficult attempt to beat me.. ppfftt yer...

And the only picture I got from Venice... What? I did have to act like I've been there a million times..!!! ;)

xox PrincessPAM

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