martedì 19 luglio 2011


Yesterday evening we didn't do much beside playing Guitar Hero, watched a stupid reality on TV which I love (called Tamarreide, it's about a bunch of italian puckos that wear trendy and suppose to be cool but are actually just weird, and a camera follows them towards Italy when they cross it living all togheter -8 persons- on a bus..) and after that couldnt catch sleep so I browsed for long time into past pages of my blog!

Especially, I read a lot about my past trips, do u remember Australia, when I was travelling broker than a vase, and had to have money sent from Italy even to catch the train from the airport to home???

And Bali, when we left with a debit of very few euros but even though no way we could pay it..??

And how could I forget my visit to NYC with like 70°C of feber....

Here links to some of my (cursed) trips:

Pam visits Australia
Pam visits NY
Pam visits Bali
Pam in Sweden

Just now I'm planning my next trip, even though it's not sure we can make it because of the flat I just bought. But we'll see! We want to Hawaii! Maeby just a stop in LA on the way. Sure I would like to make it a bigger thing, drive to Las Vegas, see the Canyon blabla but I really don't think this year we can afford it.. 3 weeks surfing the hawaiian waves will have to do... ;)

Do you plan any holiday??


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