giovedì 14 luglio 2011


Hola!!! :)


I'm actually awake and working from this morning at 06.00, was meant to write this yesterday but have no credit in the iPhone and have to use the rare wireless connections in the air i can find in stupid Italy...

From today I have not much to share yet, beside the fact that this morning i had breakfast at the bar just beneath my flat, and that strongly reminded me of that time me and my bestfriend Alessia went home to a friend of us and made him up and dressed him like a woman. Because of that an hairdryer came in need so we rang the bell of our friend's neighboor at -like- 11 in the evening to find a perfectly bold guy and so we went:
"well.. yer... U know we wanted to borrow an hairdryer....???"
Guy staring at us in a mix of disbelief and anger...
"well u know.. How could we know..? u might could have an haired girlfriend..."

And why breakfast reminded me of that specific anecdote? Yer, the guy that ownes the bar is the same bold guy!!! Ahahahha!!! :)

Talk to u later have a nice day! :)

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  1. I would like to be on the seaside to :)!!
    Have fun!!..
    Come to visit my blog if you want...and if you like it, become my follower :)



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