lunedì 10 ottobre 2011


I'm spending my days between home design pages, friends, city festivals (we just had the "Barcolana" regatta, best festival of the year) band rehearsal, work and not much more..

Autumn is a wonderful season, not sure if my favourite, summer is also rocking, but autumn has its own charm..

Sorry for bad updating, I leave you guys quickly with some pictures of my flat: we are working almost daily on it, still work in progress everywhere.. Here u go!

bedroom is the most into-shape room.

We miss just some shelves over the bed,

to save space to stow books and other thing handy to have near the bed

we miss a WHOLE lot... especially in decorations..

red covers on the sofa are temporary..!!!

BENNO cd holder is going back to IKEA..

I made a mistake, instead are going to buy another BILLY

Ah, we also miss doors.... -_-

Again, so much to fix..

Obviously, as you all imaginated, everything comes from IKEA..

and we even built ALL (except half kitchen..) by our own!! :)

Uploading some more pics soon when things are coming more and more into shape!

xox PrincessPAM

4 commenti:

  1. Ciao Pam, è da un pò che ti seguo ma non ho mai commentato. La casa sta venendo proprio bene. Amo lo stile!

  2. Ciao Nora! Grazie! :) anche a me questo stile piace moltissimo!
    mi fa piacere sapere che mi segui anche se ultimamente scrivo pochissimo... :(

  3. Sure, Billy and Benno aren't he same :) I like tiles color with the furniture's white, and more the vitrokeramic fires, very professional choice ! ;)

  4. Some others IKEA ideas you can find here :


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